There is a Love-Hate Relationship with Writing...

The satisfaction of reading a well-written story is wonderful. The agony of getting there is excruciating. Writing takes persistence and discipline. Good writing involves blood, sweat, and tears. Great writing - is a rare thing that I hope to one day attain.


Lord I Love the Church and We Need Help! (Abingdon, 2012)

Slapping sheep. Burned up and burned out. Fishing in deep water. Cup theology. God's grace spilling over. Mediating God.

Dr. Tim Bruster of First UMC, Fort Worth writes of this publication, Ginger "loves the church - and speaks the truth in love. . . Through heartwarming, sometimes disturbing, and sometimes humorous stories, she challenges us to demonstrate our love of the church through our own excellence and passion."



Perspectives of Strength: Female Elders in United Methodist Ministry (Texas Woman's University, 2008)

"What we need are really gifted folk that have vision and leadership and can bring these folk out of the miry bog into the light of transformation...."

The wisdom of the female elder who shared the above insight is the kind of strength discovered in this qualitative research. Thirteen female elders - senior pastors of large congregations, district superintendents, and bishops were interviewed. The results were recorded as perspectives of strength.



"Reflections of a baby DS" (Faith & Leadership, 2009)

"Reflections of a baby DS" reminds us that "Things are not always as they seem." “Take the work seriously, but don’t take yourself too seriously!” . . .Poke a little. Laugh a lot. Above all else, stay connected to God and with each other. That’s the only way any of us -- babies or DSs -- ever make it through. HYPERLINK TO FAITH & LEADERSHIP ARTICLE

"Adaptive Change" is about our ability to be super-force-filled by  learning, dreaming, and staying with it.  HYPERLINK TO FAITH AND LEADERSHIP ARTICLE

Short Stories

"The Storm" in New Literati (St. Edward's University, 1993)

"The Storm" was the result of the convergence of my call, my experience in the operating room, a particularly heavy rainy season in the Dripping Springs area, and a really bad dream. I won a prize for its creativity – but it reminds me of a little-known reality of that era. Sometimes it is those with little to give who give the most.