• Virginia(Ginger) Bassford

Out on the Edge...

I don't remember who said it... out on the edge of chaos is where real growth happens. On the edge is where we learn. Out on the edge is where transformation takes place.

Maybe you've been on the edge lately. I have been. Most of the time I don't recognize the growth, or the learning, or the transformation as they are happening. It is only in retrospect. After the crisis is over... after the event has calmed down.

Recently there have been people who have invited me into conversation - holy spaces. Hard conversation. Exhausting dialogue. Listening comes at the exhaustion of the body and soul. Where we sit at the edge of our seats and lean into the speaker. It is a good place. It is an intentional place.

He came into my office recently, having made an appointment. He asked if he could be honest. Of course. We engaged in edge-of-the-chair dialogue - real dialogue - for almost an hour and a half. It really was holy. We didn't agree about everything. But we left the conversation having heard and having been heard - a magnificent place to be.

What would life be like... what would our world be like... what would The Church be like... if we had more edge-of-the-chair conversations? If we leaned in? If we listened? What if we focused not on agreement, or convincing the other, but instead our purpose was hearing 'the other'?

If, like my conversation with him, I think we would learn more about each other. We would grow. God would show up right there among us. We would part better friends than we entered in. Life would be made new.

Out on the edge.

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