• Virginia O. (Ginger) Bassford

Another School Shooting?!

Another shooting?! Lord have mercy! Christ have mercy! Lord have mercy!

The first posts I saw blamed guns, blamed the parents, blamed society, blamed schools. I get all of that. At the same time, when are we each going to look within ourselves and say, “What am I doing differently?” “How am I working to help create solutions?” “What kid am I mentoring, shepherding, helping to know they are valued and loved?” “When was the last time I had a meaningful conversation with a student?”

It is time to stop expecting somebody else to make a difference. This is a multi-faceted problem and it is going to take more than a one-dimensional solution. This is not a perfect world. What am I doing to help redeem it? It is not “my” fault. It is my opportunity – and yours too.

In Christ Alone,


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