• Virginia O. (Ginger) Bassford

Do Not Worry...

"Do not worry about your life...." (Jesus, Matthew 6.25 and Luke 12.22)

I am a reformed (re-forming) worrier. I can get wound up tighter than a six-day clock, running to and fro, rushing from one crisis to another.

That's why I love the country life; deer under the corn feeder morning and evening; birds in abundance of songs and colors; storms that pop up over the ridge; hard work, manual labor, fruits of the earth, wildflowers of the field; and perhaps most of all, laying in bed at night, looking out at the stars and hearing the sounds of the whip-poor-will. Being out in the country, especially when I am alone with our dog Hunter and our critters - slows me down and helps me remember to breathe.

The rhythm of this life is so different than when we are in the city. Here time almost stands still. The day is ordered by sunrise, sunset, the cool and the heat of the day. We rise early and siesta after lunch. I slow down. I think. I pray. I ponder. I even write blogs.

Yet it isn't time for us to be here on a permanent basis. God has called us to do some work. In order to do that work we have to be around people. Connecting, growing, serving. (If you think that sounds familiar friends of St. Barnabas, you are right!) We pray we have many years remaining in service to God and all God's people. Twenty-four hours on the weekend, a little vacation and a few holidays in the country are gift enough for now. Thank you God. May we continue to focus on your good gifts of creation... and not our worries.

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