• Rev. Virginia O. (Ginger) Bassford, PhD

Churches and Gun Control

Ah yes - Texas. Church. Gun Control. It doesn't matter if one is Republican or Democrat - these topics are controversial today in Texas.

Let me confess right up front: I own a gun. I've shot a deer - one - the part we didn't eat hangs on the living room wall of our little cabin. I've shot rattle snakes - several. I've killed a turkey and we ate it. Probably most memorable was the albino skunk I shot when our kids were babies. It ran straight towards our house. It was in the dead of winter and all I could think was, "Rabid! It's you or it's me buddy - and it ain't gonna be me!" I was in full-fledge protective mother mode for my babies softly sleeping inside the house.

I also confess this: I lean toward non-violence. It is one thing to have a long gun for shooting critters. But carry a loaded weapon? Why? Why would I need or want to do that? Are we in such dire need of protection that we are willing to become the aggressor? What would Jesus do? Would he turn the other cheek?

What I am positively sure of is this: We had a pretty long dialogue with our kids this afternoon. We talked about "packin'" in church - about posting signs - about the 2012 Book of Resolutions and the perspective of all weapons of distruction being harmful. It was a good conversation. We didn't agree. But we wrestled together. It was really good. We listened. We shared.

What about you?

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