Mutual Learning with Roger Schwarz

Emotional Intelligence with "Six Seconds"

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Certification

Harvard Kennedy School of Executive Education:
    The Art and Practice of

            Leadership Development, 2010

    Leadership for the 21st Century, 2009

Bowen Family Systems Theory – Peter Steinke:
     Advanced Healthy Congregations
     Healthy Congregations

Conflict Intervention / Mediation
Texas Woman’s University:
     Mediation Practicum
     Advanced Mediation and Neuro-Linguistics
     Advanced Communication
     Diversity Conflict Resolution
     Conflict Resolution
     Advanced Family Mediation
     Divorce Mediation


The first hobby in which we engaged was making stained glass – most of which we give away. We learned the art of glass at Ghost Ranch and enjoy working on separate projects, together.

In the summer of 2012 we took fly fishing lessons in Lake City, Colorado – what a blast!

Raising critters has long been a part of my life. I was the first female member of the Manor FFA and showed cattle. Our children showed lambs during elementary school - the source of many good sermon illustrations.

We've led two wildnerness canoe trips in Ontario, Canada. Eight days on the water with junior high kids and loons - it was the best ever!  We love fishing for bass and Walleye too!


We currently have 71 acres near Lampasas, TX. We raise Boer Goats and a llama too.  We love spending time there and working hard. We also find great peace in the sunrises and sunsets - especially when we get to watch them with family.


Children are an absolute passion of mine. I love holding babies and having deep, theological conversations with children. I do think they know more about God than we do.

Part of that love is carried over into vocational ministry. I work with high school (and younger) kids who are discerning God's call in their lives. I enjoy fostering their learning and growth through conversation, reading, and study.  

Vegetable and flower gardening are a delight – weeds and all. I love digging in the earth and watching things grow. I dug my first garden when I was in the 6th grade and have never stopped.

And... I love rocks. "From the wadi [Elijah] would drink." A wadi is a dry river bed full of rocks and sand. Elijah dug down and there was clear, refreshing water. (1 Kings 18) Each time we move, Ken helps me carry a box of rocks!

Recently we have purchased our own 71 acres of Rocks outside Lampasas, TX.